PROFIT TRADE- Legit or Scam Broker? |  In-depth Review

Till today have conducted over 120 reviews of Forex Brokers from around the World. When we start a review we approach the broker with the assumption that they might be a scam and let them convince us otherwise.


SO… what is it That We do? ?

If you look at the forex industry today you see many brokers, and everyday new brokers are being launched and others close their doors with all the problems this brings for the traders.  So how does one determine if a broker if a broker is legit or not.

This is where we come and have been doing now for the last 6 years. We have reviewed over 120 brokers and have had accounts with all of them at one point or another, this is needed in order to really understand how they are operating.

we start every forex broker review with the presupposition that they are a not legit and operate as a forex scam then it is unknowingly up to the broker to convince us otherwise and show us they are a legitimate partner for your trading.  This puts us this in the perfect position to answer the Question ” is  Profit Trade a Legit Forex Broker or are they a SCAM Broker?”.

120Brokers Reviewed
1624Gathered Testimonials

What are we  Looking at?

When we decide or being asked to review a specific brokerage, we look in general at 6 different criteria and asses how the broker is performing in each of these criteria.

We do not tend to focus on the normal subject you find in reviews as we believe these are not the foundation of any brokerage just the sales package, this means we do not look at the Promotions, bonuses offered, different account types, tradable assets and trading platforms.

So what are we Looking at ?.

  • Transparency
  • Legal
  • Quality of Support
  • Banking
  • Reputation
  • Trading conditions



Are you able to see and follow what is going on, do you as a trader feel that there is transparency of operation at Profit Trade



How are they working Legally, do they work according to with the Law and Regulatory Requirements regardless if they hold a regulation or not.

Customer Support


How are you treated when you need assistance is there a real knowledgeable person on the other end of the line to help you.